I was shopping at one of my favorite stores with the other day, Origins, and remembered a friend telling me that they were not paraben-free. This came as a surprise to me, but when I checked my product labels, she was right. I was disappointed. Origins makes some amazing products, and even though they’re owned be the huge conglomerate Estee Lauder, they still have a mission I admire:

Our mission at Origins is to promote beauty and wellness through good-for-you products and feel-good experiences. We do this by celebrating the connection between Mother Nature and Human Nature.

So after looking around the store and reading labels, I asked the very helpful sales person if he had any products without parabens. Yes, he said. And in fact, he told me that Origins will be totally paraben-free by July 2008. After looking at their shelves, I realized that they have a lot of product that still contains parabens. Anything toward the back, with the newer packaging, is paraben-free. I walked out with two paraben-free products. For my face, I got “A Perfect World.” and for my body, “Precipitation.” Both are now paraben-free. Yeah.

Do a search on google for parabens or paraben-free and you’ll get hundreds of results. It’s great information.